Photonic Supervisory Data Acquisation System

Photonic Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (PS DAS)

Energy Efficiency in Street Light

  • Street lighting loads require electricity during peak demand hours. Street lighting projects are considered attractive investment projects by electricity supply utilities.
  • In India, street lighting consumed about 8,478 GWh of electricity in FY13, about 1.5% of total national electricity consumption, and that figure can be reduced by 25 to 60% through the use of energy-efficient LED technologies (EESL 2013).
  • Also street lighting has either inadequate or poor infrastructure and incurs high maintenance costs, often amounting to 10-15% of a typical municipal budget.
  • Use of efficient lighting infrastructure could help reduce the energy usage between 25 and 60percentin India. For instance, retrofitting the entire conventional streetlights with LEDs in the country could result in a potential annual savings of 4,300 million KWh, which is about 50% of total energy consumed.
  • In addition, operational optimization, such as the use of twilight switching controls and dimming and voltage optimization, could lead to an additional energy savings of 15-20%.
  • The total opportunity of energy savings at the national level, could increase from 4,300 million KWh to about 5,000 million KWh annually. Assuming a power cost of INR 5 per KWh, this translates to an annual cost savings of INR 2,500 crores

Current Scenario of Street Lights

  • Lack of effective monitoring systems to track energy savings
  • Manual operations
  • Lack of affordable technologies suitable for local conditions
  • As without proper monitoring system, maintenance of street light and its controllers is not appropriate
  • Due to poor maintenance, power loss is high

PS DAS Power Consumption Report

  • Power consumption report includes high and low voltage will be monitored
  • Current(I) will be monitored
  • Voltage(V) will be monitored
  • Power Factor(PF) will be monitored
Voltage Current Power
Average 235 445 17
High Voltage 250 440 20
Low Voltage 220 450 14

PS DAS Alerts Report

a) Alert report gives the alert indication for the service and maintenece to be done at individual controller with its location based on pre set alert level

Total No of Street Lights in Pollachi 1500
Total No of Street Lights to be serviced 99

b) Name of the ward and number of locations to be serviced will be generated

c) By Clicking on the ward number location details is shown in the software